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Project Fit Dad - Where Fathers Turn Into Fit Dads

Once we become fathers, it’s common to find that a bit of weight gain has sneaked
upon us.


The main reason why dads gain weight is that we simply get busier, we don’t have as
much time for sports, and we don’t move as much as we did pre fatherhood


Despite that – we often eat the same amount of food, even though we aren’t as active.


As someone who is extremely passionate and has worked in the health and fitness
industry for many years, I’m normally pretty good at maintaining my routine and keeping
my weight in check.


But in 2018, for the first time in my life, I struggled to keep up my fitness level.

It coincided with the arrival of my baby girl and to be fully honest – I even experienced

binge eating.


Something that I’d only heard from my clients before.


And the reason for that?


Well, on one hand, I faced the challenges of a first-time dad – but there’s a bit more to it.

Just a few weeks before the arrival of my daughter, I emigrated from Switzerland to Brazil and
moved together with my partner.


I’m sure you can imagine it was a rough and very hectic time, and I had to learn how to deal
with these new circumstances.


New country. New language. New environment. New culture. New gym. 🙂


And then of course… the baby!


Even though I never stopped working out, the lack of sleep decreased my energy levels in the
gym in a way I’d never imagined.


This combined with making poor health choices (often eating literally whatever I could find in the
kitchen), eventually lead to some extra abdominal weight.


Something I literally never struggled with before – the sixpack has always been my trademark.

Martin Blättler in 2013
Martin Blättler in 2014
Martin Blättler in 2015
Martin Blättler in 2017

2013: My first shoot for a supplement company.

2014: Posing in Venice Beach, California.

2015: During a holiday in Bali.

2017: Bike Ride in Split, Croatia.

In 2018, just a few months after my daughter was born, I looked in the mirror and noticed more bodyfat around my belly.


My abs started to fade and my face looked much puffier than usual.


The beginning of the dad bod?



The dad bod simply isn’t an option for me!

Once I realized what had happened, and how it had snuck up on me – I knew exactly what I
needed to do.


I had to take my own advice.

I got my ‘fit dad bod’ back on track by making better food choices (not a ‘diet’) and by
working out smarter, not harder.


Now, I’m going to show you how I’ve helped many dads with my online fitness programs (myself included) transforming from dad bod to fit dad.


Is “Dad Bod a real thing?



The Dad Bod is very real, no matter how fit and healthy you normally are.


Don’t believe it?


Me neither.


Long time I resisted believing that the dad bod is real.

But it actually is!


No matter whether I speak to men who got fathers in their twenties or later in their forties.


No matter whether in Switzerland, Brazil or the United States.


No matter how much sports they did and in what shape they were pre fatherhood.


Pretty much all of them experience some weight gain the following months of birth (and
oftentimes already during pregnancy).


In our Facebook group “Project Fit Dad” with over 1,500 fathers this phenomenon a common topic. 

The Dad Bad Is Real

Also, science supports the “dad bod” as becoming a father is linked to weight gain, according to several studies.

Reasons for that are obvious: less time to work out, poor sleep and most likely higher stress levels, which again lead to making poor eating choices.

How to get rid of the dad bod

My best tip is don’t let the dad bod happen to you in the first place.

Sounds easy, I know.

But it goes quicker than you think.

And as someone who reads this post, you might have gained some weight already.

So let’s assume the dad bod has already taken over, and I’ll suggest one simple thing.



SELF – The Fitness Program for Fathers!

At Project Fit Dad, we use a protocol called SELF.

SELF is an acronym and stands for Strong, Energized, Lean & Functional!

It’s an fully customized online fitness program designed for fathers who want to become fit and healthy.

Project Fit Dad isn’t just about the look or the ego, although a bit of personal pride isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

It’s about vitality, energy, productivity, being able to move and play with your kids, and avoid injury while you’re doing it!

Focussing your fitness is about being mindful of your health and wanting to be a good role model as a father.

SELF will help you get the best shape of your life and transform you from dad bod to fit dad.

Bye Dad Bod, Hello Fit Dad Bod

An expanding stomach area (aka the dad bod beer belly) is a common problem for fathers.

Wearing a loose shirt might work for a while, but soon enough the belly is visible even then.

Eventually, it comes to the point where it feels uncomfortable o take the shirt off on a holiday.

Talking with hundreds of dads, lack of self-esteem, and self-confidence is very common around family fathers.

At Project Fit Dad, we reverse the dad bod and transform fathers within 12 weeks
into fit dads!

Project Fit Dad Reviews

So how do I become a fit dad?

Train Smarter, not Harder!

I get it – life is frantic.

Being a father is my favorite job and time has never been more valuable.

We are all looking for ways to streamline our lives and our fitness commitment is often the first to go when we are overscheduled.

How often do we hear the catch cry ‘I just don’t have time to exercise’?

The good news is that, when it comes to getting in shape and staying in shape, it’s not about the volume or length of your workouts.

It’s about the quality.

You don’t have to work out every single day, nor do you have to spend hours in the gym.

All I ask for is at least 3 sessions a week in which we’ll focus on the most effective exercises.

Can’t make it to the gym or rather want to work out at home?

No worries!

There are alternative bodyweight workouts that you even can do at home!

No more excuses when you’re short on time – simply perform a quick and effective home workout such as this one:

We’ll get dad bod back into shape faster than you think!

Proper nutrition is essential – but not complicated!

At the end of the day, abs are made in the kitchen, so while it’s important to build and
strengthen your muscles it’s also essential to get rid of the spare tire that’s covering your soon to be 6-pack.

Nutrition is something that we really focus on in the SELF program.

We don’t follow a complicated approach instead use a template that is easy to implement.

Restaurant visits and family dinners?

Of course, we want to participate!

At Project Fit Dad we show how to get in shape without having to neglect family time!

We teach how to lean down and build muscle without having having to prep all your meals for the week and without take Tupperware with you wherever you go.

Dads who are on the SELF program are making huge changes and they like it since it
doesn’t restrict them in their daily lives.

Project Fit Dad keeps you accountable

So many of us have experienced that Sunday night burst of motivation.

The moment where we decide to make the week ahead our best week yet…

Until we wake up on Monday morning and decide to hit the snooze button, instead of bouncing out of bed and into our workout.

Being highly motivated is a great way to feel, but it’s not sustainable.

You’re not always going to be motivated and that’s okay. Motivation is an emotion and emotions
naturally come and go.

So how do you create and maintain your new healthy habits?

That’s where I come in.

I will check in with you personally on a very regular basis to make sure you stay on track.
In addition to that, you’ll get the support of our project fit dad community.

It’s easy to give up when nobody watches you.

But when you have team that supports you and cheers you up, I guarantee you won’t mess this

And should you ever feel a bit lost, never forget that I’m only an email away.

At Project Fit Dad, we have strategies in place to keep you accountable and on track with your fitness goals.

The Fit Dad Lifestyle

Becoming a fit dad doesn’t happen overnight.

Our fitness program “SELF” is not just another 8-week fat loss program.

Crash diets, fat loss pills, and ramping up one’s cardio like crazy might work short term – but as
in many cases, the results are only temporary and a rebound foreseeable.

But in SELF, we are changing your lifestyle and build healthy habits that are sustainable and keep the results in the long run.

In the 12 weeks we work together, you will not only lose weight – but you’ll also change  your habits and adapt your lifestyle so you can follow the same rules long term and don’t rebound.

I will be your Personal Coach!

My huge passion in life is fitness!

In my early twenties, I traveled a lot.

No matter where I went, fitness always had the biggest priority!

I visited several expos each year, worked out multiple times a day (no joke!), and followed a strict diet.

Many years, I’ve not eaten any junk food nor sweets (Yep, this isn’t a joke either!).

Due to my extreme dedication, being in shape never really was an issue for me.


It wasn’t until I became a father when I realized how difficult it can be balancing job, family, and fitness.



Thus I had to pivot and adjust my methods.



Counting calories, meal planning, and weighing every single gram of carbs?



No thank you!



I’m not willing to do this anymore.



My baby girl is now the center of my life and being a good dad has become my number one priority!



I want to enjoy in family dinners, participate in family events and certainly not miss any fun birthday parties.



However, I still love fitness and I want to be a fit and healthy dad after all.



Luckily, I figured out a way to get in shape without tracking calories and without having to
sacrifice family time.



I can still be healthy and even show of my sixpack, despite being a busy father.


Project Fit Dad - Martin and his daughter
Project Fit Dad - Martin and his daughter
Project Fit Dad - Martin and his daughter

After all, I’m not called “THE FIT DAD FROM SWITZERLAND” for no reason.

Martin - The Fit Dad From Switzerland
Martin - The Fit Dad From Switzerland

Even though my online fitness coaching business started over 6 years before fatherhood, I’m focusing on working with fathers.

I made it my mission to help other fathers transform into fit dads.

And if you want to become a fit dad exactly as I and several other fathers did, then our fitness program SELF is the right choice for you!

Ready for Project Fit Dad?

Being a fit dad is about being a good role model to your children; having more energy
and being able to move and play with your kids as they grow.

You might retire from the sporting field, but you really can’t afford to retire from taking care of your health.

But here’s the catch.

Joining project fit dad requires you to be open to new things and having the willingness to learn.

To verify whether you have what it takes to become a project fit dad, I want to invite you to a free 30-minute consultation call, so we can analyze your current habits and see whether you are a fit for our SELF program!

Only when we’re a good fit and I’m 100% certain that I can help you, then I will offer you an online coaching spot. From there, there is no more back.

With me at your side, you’ll get the results you only dreamed of!

Transformation of Fit Dad Beni
Transformation of Fit Dad Toni
Transformation of Fit Dad David
Transformation of Fit Dad Jay
Transformation of Fit Dad Tobias
Transformation of Fit Dad David

Get the ball rolling by simply choosing a day and time that suits you for our initial call:

Transformation of Fit Dad Anthony
Transformation of Fit Dad Caludio
Transformation of Fit Dad Bilal

In case you can’t find something that suits you, shoot me an email at or hit me up on Facebook.

Are you ready to shape up into a fit Dad?

Are you willing to transform your mental and physical wellbeing – just like I did?

Reach out today and change your life for the better.

I’ll be waiting for your mail.

CEO, Project Fit Dad